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Italian Post launches Paccomat


The first five Paccomats, the automated Parcel Lockers of Italian Post that have been installed by FBA, are now activated. These Lockers make faster and easier shipping and receiving packages.

Every Paccomat is equipped with an anti-theft system and contains 46 Lockers of different measures to host every kind of parcel. The access to the Lockers is managed by a touch screen terminal equipped with a QRcode reader and a small printer. Using the terminal it is possible to recover the parcel using a PIN code or a QRcode.

The Paccomat’s Lockers are of three different measures:

  • Small: maximum dimension 9x38x60 cm
  • Medium: maximum dimension 22x38x60 cm
  • Large: maximum dimension 36x38x60 cm

Paccomat are a good alternative for those buying on line that cannot be at home during courier delivery hours. Regarding the shipment i twill be possible to send pre-paid Italian Post parcels using Paccomat. Here is the list of Paccomat locations:

  • Roma Eur, Viale Europa 175, 00144
  • Milano, Via Pietro Pomponazzi, 6/B, 20141
  • Milano, Via Benozzo Gozzoli, 51, 20152
  • Cantù (CO) Corso Europa, 23 22063
  • Firenze, Via Valfonda 1°, 50123

For more information about Parcel Locker technology please visit the dedicated page.

Discover more about the Paccomat project on Italian Post website